Meet Apron Network in Web 3.0 World

What is the web 3.0 world? Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few years you would have definitely heard of web 3.0, it can be defined as a overturning world-wide-web which can be read access by computers, devised to be coordinated and classified by more than just people. Blockchain and related technologies are achieving — driving us towards a world where users have more control, a deeper sense of the software they interact with.

And what is the apron network? It’s created and used as a decentralized infrastructure service based on blockchain technology runs for APP developers, general users and infrastructure operators. It provides the trust mechanism and platform which could enable to connect into web 3.0 with more control and safety.

Greater choice API services

Explaining of Substrate/Polkadot integration

Apron SDK

Application developers can quickly encrypt application network access and communications data by simply integrating with the Dynamic equilibrium, not only can be used on the Web, but also in the PC, mobile integration in a native way.

Apron Market

Matching infrastructure services to the demands of DAPP developers is the essence of what makes the Web 3.0 portal visible and usable within the Apron Network.

Apron Node

The Apron Node is the component Node of the Apron Network, developed using the Substrate framework, with OCW enabled.

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