How Apron Network provides accountable safety, liveness, deals-Part 1

This articles will, among other things, dive into our inner workings , how Apron Network provides accountable safety, liveness, deals in system structure. Part 2 will be upcoming in tomorrow.

You probably don’t know, Apron Network is based on substrate framework and can be a parachain of Kusama / Polkadot. The nodes running in Apron Network are divided into two types: Apron Pillar Node, Apron Node. On top of the nodes that can run, Apron DAO manages Apron Network. The entire Apron Network will be composed of Apron Pillar Node, Apron Node, Apron Service Marketplace and Apron SDK.

Apron Network hierarchical structure

Apron Network hierarchical structure

Apron Network hierarchical structure The roles involved in network construction include Provider (Service Provider), Miner (Node Miner), Delegator (client), Arbitrator (Arbiter), Inspector (Inspector), Consumer (User), Developer (Service Developer) and Counselor (Service Consultant). All roles of Network construction work together through Apron DAO to ensure the stable and continuous operation of the entire Apron Network.

Apron Node‌

Apron Network consists of the Apron Node which is based on the Substrate framework with OCW enabled. The basic service provider provides service publicly through Apron Node which synchronizes the basic service on the chain, and synchronizes the information of service usage and billing on the chain through OCW module.

Any infrastructure service provider can publish its infrastructure services through Apron Node, this happens whether the blockchain node operators or providers of traditional Internet and other information technology services. The existing infrastructure services can be provided to the public by deploying the Apron Node in any network that can connect with the Internet and access its own infrastructure services. By adding corresponding service information in the configuration, the public can discover and use the infrastructure service and obtain the service usage fee. Everyone who ever provided infrastructure services or plans to provide infrastructure services can be a participant of the Apron Network. All participants can provide infrastructure services by operating the Apron Node for the Apron Network and the Web 3.0 and benefit from it.

Apron Pillar Node

Apron pillar node is developed by substrate framework, which provides security guarantee for Apron Network and ensures the stable operation of the network. It is the basic network node of Apron Network. Apron pillar node will be initially launched by Apron labs and will be run by community participants.

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