Apron Network- Decentralized Infrastructure Service Network for Polkadot Ecosystem

Apron Network- Decentralized Infrastructure Service Network for Polkadot Ecosystem

We have witnessed a huge growth of the Ethereum network, there is a great contribution made by participants which are the node operators who sustain the whole Ethereum operation. Maintenance-consumed and energy-wasted on the node operation is not unknown to the community, gradually each of them focus on its specific field and less people is willing to public the node services. Lately, Infura outage, more than 10 billions of daily request paralysis, Ethereum, a decentralized network who relies on centralized node service. In our point of view, many node services can do the same for DApp developers. But People just not keen to run because it needs to define and implement a standardized service interface, besides clients(DApp developers) would have to cost energy.

So based above reason we built Apron Network. It is a decentralized infrastructure service platform, also can be considered as the traditional infrastructure platform like AWS(Amazon Website Service), Alicloud, etc. We will integrate various API services that lean towards infrastructure service providers and provide middle-tier services for DApp& Defi developers.

Key Services&Modules:

1.Apron Node

Apron Node to enable service providers publicly available and on-chain by one-button deployment, through the OCW(off-chain worker) Synchronize usage, billing for developers and benefits for providers.

2. Apron Market

Apron Marketis a service discovery platform, also it can be considered as the smart contract. It matches the services provided by infrastructure service providers with the demands of DApp developers. Once on-chain completed, Apron nodes will synchronize infrastructure service data and usage to the smart contract. Following that, the smart contract execute service. Additionally, we help them searching target developers through the Apron Market.

3. Apron SDK

The function of Apron SDK is to conduct connection dynamic balance and communication data encryption between Apron Nodes. DApp developers only need to integrate the Apron SDK in the application to quickly achieve dynamic balance of application network access and communication data encryption. Not only can it be used on the Web, it can also be integrated natively on the PC and mobile phone.

to help node service providers migrating service from the existing service usage to the Apron Network. Certainly, we provide other services like data indexing service on-chain just like The Graph; a part of Oracle’s functions like Price feeds and random numbers, etc.

If you analyzed the future value of the Apron, at the forthcoming years that we obtained sufficient public chain connections and a large variety of service providers, Apron will allow DApp interact on multi-protocols. In addition to Polkadot, developers can also use Ethereum, BSC, Filecoin, Helium and Layer2, etc. Offering its faster & safe infrastructure services for DApp developers, DApp users and infrastructure operators. We believe any developers which engaging with Apron can bring further cross-chain innovation in a cost-saving way among multi-blockchain ecosystem.

More details on each of services will follow as separate articles in weeks to come.

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